January 08, 2018

a Blushing Spring

3CE Cushion Blush Review (#Coral)

"Spring, oh spring, when will you lay thou hand on my trembling bosom."
Even though we're still thick and fast in the middle of winter here in Britain, I'm already breaking out my Spring hues for makeup. And yes I know it's early, but I'm officially calling this 3CE blush cushion "the Spring blush of 2018" (yes, that's a thing in my world). 

If you don't already know, 3CE is my all-time favourite makeup brand. Each time I visit Seoul it's basically a long stay at their Stylenanda stores, with brief food and nap breaks in-between. I believe cushion blushes were one of their newer offerings from last year, and one I've dying to get my hands on ever since I saw it on their Instagram feed. I'm glad I did too - it's dewy as you'd expect from a cushion, and bright and uplifting as the shade suggests. The formula is much like a sheer liquid blusher, I use a stippling brush to apply it on my cheeks (I found the cushion to deposit a bit too much) and it just gives a beautiful wash of coral that I absolutely love.

Also, kudos to the packaging. There's a small suction at the opening to stop the cushion from drying out (genius!) and a mirror inside. And size-wise it's just a little smaller than the palm of my hand, which makes it soo cute to carry around.
Sadly, even though CultBeauty does stock 3CE, it doesn't seem to have the cushion blushes. Don't despair though, if you're desperate to get your hands on it in the UK, check out Yesstyle! They ship to UK, and stock the entire product line. (Though I must warn you you'll have to pay extra taxes when you shop through it)

3CE Cushion Blush: £13.89

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