January 24, 2018

Elan Cafe


Avocado On Toast with Poached Egg (a.k.a. Eggs Benedict) £9.50

I'm happy to say that old Benny did not fail me this time. All the basic elements were done right - the runny egg, the sauce, the bun. Side note: ThankYou for using sourdough and not some other fancy alternative, nothing infuriates me more than when brunch is ruined with the wrong bread (First World Problems amiright). I personally also really enjoyed the fancy twirly cucumber, not only does it deeply please my inner need for delectable plating, it also added a really nice freshness to balance the creamy hollandaise. The splashes of chilli oil also went really well with the avocado (I always have my avocado toasts at home with pepper and chilli oil :P) and again, was approved for being fancy looking. (I have weird criteria okay)

Shashouka £14

Izaan: It looked good, the flavours were there. The egg could have been more runny, but it was a good take on a Middle Eastern Classic. ("anything else?" "Nah I'm fine" -_-)
Hazel's (unwanted) commentary : I tried a bit of it and was a bit offended by the well-done egg! Considering myself a connoisseur of shukakas from that one other time I stole a bit from my boyfriend, eggs in shakawakas *should* be runny .v.

Pistachio and Rose Cake £7

Let me just start off my saying "I IN NO WAY KNEW THIS WAS FRICKIN £7.50 WHEN I ORDERED IT???" Now we got that out of the way, I just have to *calmly* say this was quite disappointing. I thought the outer coating would be a sweet mousy glaze of some sort - nope - it was just a cheap white chocolate shell (okay I might have been a little harsh, but only because I don't really like chocolate). I was also expecting some sort of crunchy cookie-like base at the bottom, which usually accompanies these type of cakes to balance out the textures, but alas, I was disappointed again. The base was simply a thin sliver of what I assume was sponge cake? The whole thing was less cake, and more of just mousse and hard chocolate. Flavour-wise, it was alright. Even though it was a bit too sweet (on account of the chocolate), I did like the pistachio flavouring and the jam-y thing in the middle. All-in-all though, I would definitely recommend checking the prices on these things before wildly gesturing to the waitress that you'll have the pretty cake that just caught your eye. 


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