January 02, 2018

GHD Creative Curl Wand

GHD Creative Curl Wand Review

I've always had a frazzled relationship with my hair. I hated it, it hated me. As much as I've always longed for the *I woke up like this* look, the truth was I probably more closely resembled someone who forgot to remove their toupee before bed. Needless to say I needed outside help. The whole affair with heat tools started when my friends gifted me with my very first hair curler (which sadly, did not heat up to a high enough temperature to work on me). Since then, I've had straighteners, curling wands with the clip thing (??), more straighteners (this time trying to curl my hair with them), but my hair always ended up looking misshapened and bed-head like. It wasn't until Tanya Burr recommended these GHD stylers when I finally found *the one*. 

This is genuinely the easiest curling product I have ever used. ever. The wand itself takes about 2 seconds to heat up, then you just grab a random lock of hair, wrap it haphazardly around the barrel for 10 seconds, and you're left staring at the most perfect wave. I don't even bother combing or properly sectioning my hair with these, I just grab random chunks and go, and they still turn out amazing. I know GHDs can leave quite a dent in your wallet, but trust me, it's worth every penny. Plus with its ceramic coating, I feel like it's doing less damage than a metal barrel would (probably not, does placebo work on hair?).

My technique: I take one inch pieces and alternate between clockwise & anti-clockwise movements (okay it's not much of a technique).

GHD Creative Curl Wand: £120

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