February 09, 2018

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate


I frickin' love this baby. Back in high school, I remember stealing a mini sample of this from my mom and rationing it like crazy. Now fast-forward a few years and it's become a permanent staple in my beauty shelf (in full size this time). If you've never heard of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (unlikely, since they market the hell out of it), the long and short of it is it's basically a night oil. 

I know, I know, you see "oil" and you think: damn that's going to be heavy. But NoOoo, this is actually super lightweight! Different to traditional oils, it works more like a re-balancing product: it helps replenish you skin when it feels dry, and brings your face back to normal when it's feeling a bit oily/spotty. I have combination to dry skin, as well as light eczema, and I've never found this product or to be irritating in any way. Another thing I love about this is the scent - it smells like lavender, and sleep, and calm.. mm.. I love this baby so much, with it's dark tinted glass it's like my own bottle of magical elixir. If you're looking for a new night cream/mask/oil, look no further - whatever you need, this magical bottle will supply. 

I tend to use this about three nights a week, applied to a freshly washed face. I also tend to skip the usual moisturisers and serums when using it, just so I don't overload my skin.

ps. I'm looking to try some more products from this range, anyone's tried their eye cream or cleansing oil? 
pss. I forgot to close the bottle and now it's leaked all over my carpet. This is like the second time now, ffs Hazel remember to close your lids! This thing is not cheap! (someone slap me if this happens again)


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