February 18, 2018

OUAI Haircare


Possibly the most hyped up hair care range of 2017, OUAI was created by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin, aka. the Kardashian's stylist. Normally, I wouldn't give in to the Kardashian allure (I'm possibly the only one who stayed passive with the whole Kylie cosmetics debacle), but since OUAI's been raved so damn much by my favourite bloggers (ily EsteeAnna o.o), I finally decided to bite the bullet. 

I'll be the first to say that I've never been the biggest fan of hair styling products. I hate the feeling of having anything heavy or gritty in my hair, and apart from a little post-shower hair oil, that department in my beauty cupboard is pretty much non-existent. However, ever since I started curling my hair, I found myself in much need of some extra volume and hold.

Texturizing Hair Spray: I usually use this after I'm done curling my hair by just spraying it in the roots (just 3 short sprays, nothing crazy), and rough it up a bit. Having used it for a year now, I must say it does add quite a nice *natural* amount of volume. Don't worry, it's not anything crazy. It just gives you the perfect amount of "sea breeze blew through my hair" oomph. Does it leave your hair feeling heavy and gritty? Slightly. You won't feel nothing in your hair, but it's significantly less *there* than something like the Batiste dry shampoos. If you want to give this a go definitely try the travel size (they're on ASOS!), I don't go crazy with it so this bottle has lasted me a whole year!

Medium Hair Spray: I got this because my hair is absolutely hopeless at keeping a curl. Most girls can probably make their curls last for days, but with me, one night's sleep and *poof*, it's gone. It's the Bermuda Triangle of hair curls I tell ya. Sadly, this hairspray hasn't quite solved that issue, but, it does help maintain my curls throughout the day. The reason I absolutely love this though, is the fact that it's a soft hair spray, aka. it won't make your hair feel crunchy like traditional sprays do (WHAT??). I have no idea how Jen managed to put that in a medium-hold hairspray, but I love her for it. All in all, would definitely, definitely recommend!

ps. Apparently people rave about the scent of OUAI products. I personally think it just smells like old-fashioned hairspray, but my boyfriend really likes it so (yay?). 

You can find the Textuizing Spray here (full size) and here (travel size), and the Medium Hair Spray here on ASOS. (Not sponsored)


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