March 21, 2018

Saint Aymes Review


Well out of the way in Edgeware Road, Saint Aymes has graced the feeds of some of my favourite bloggers. However, possibly due to its rather reclusive location, I find that relatively few have actually ventured out to this location as compared to the more popular Elan Cafe (see my review of elan cafe here!). In terms of Instagram Cafes, it's also notably more of a cafe than restaurant, with its menu comprising mostly of cakes, cookies, hot drinks, and the random runaway crepe (yes, according to the menu - singular). 

If I am reviewing it solely on the basis of an Instagram cafe - that is, focusing on its visual aesthetic - I'll have to say that this is possibly one of the best that I have found in London. It's wayy less crowded compared to Elan Cafe (I didn't even have to wait for a table), and offers a larger variety of backgrounds for photos. The wisteria shopfront and its interiors for instance, are each uniquely different - with the former giving off more cool-toned purples and the latter a pink-tinged rose lounge. The seating areas actually quite resemble Elan Cafe, with a rose wall and pink velvet sofas. I really love that you can shoot in different corners of the cafe and it'll look like a completely different location. As an Instagrammer you really appreciate a restaurant/cafe's ability to do that, it just makes it that much easier for us to create content. Plus, I have a soft spot for purple Wisterias.  

Now if we we're talking about the food, I was a little giddy that day and decided to splurge on the signature 23k gold unicorn latte, which FYI cost a whooping £7.45. Was it worth it you ask? Absolutely not. I could have gotten myself a nice full brunch for that amount. That being said, it was quite pretty to look at - the marshmallow was absolutely delightful with a sprinkle of iridescent blue/pink glitter on top and the pastel blue of the milk is simply adorable (yes, the blue part is just the milk. You have to pour the espresso in separately, after which it turns into a murky green - take your photos before you drink). My boyfriend got a hot Nutella cocoa which he says is not too bad (£3.95), though appearance wise it just resembles a regular run-of-the-mill hot chocolate (if we are purely reviewing looks here). The cakes and cookies actually look quite good too, though I didn't try any (saved it all for that darn unicorn latte). If we're being a real foodie though, I'll be honest and admit that the latte was simply that - a regular latte. There would have been nothing worth fussing over if we drank it blindfolded.  

Again, this is one of those places where you really pay for the atmosphere, which I will say is quite nice. Oh, and they're also incredibly pet and kid friendly (dogs get their own royal beds next to the table - and I mean pink-velvet-cushion-royal). Would I ever come again? Nah. Not unless they drastically reduced the prices or come up with a remarkable food menu, I've gotten all I can out of them, plus Edgeware Road really is quite far off. 



  1. I really like the way you organise the photos in your blog posts! Also how pastelly you edits are!! Keep up the amazing work gurl!

    1. BABE. Can't believe you actually stalked my blog posts too xD


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