April 08, 2018

Spring Fling w/ CLUSE

Photography and editing by Hazel. In Collaboration for CLUSE


I've been Umm-ing and ahh-ing at Cluse watches for the longest time, ever since my Instagram babe Negin Mirsalehi did a collaboration with them months ago. If you haven't seen that gorgeous pink velvet strap design she did for them, I'll link it here because you NEED to see it! Oh how I wish I could hold that beauty in my hand *insert heart eye emojis*.

While sadly, I wasn't able to get my hands on that particular model, I was able to get my second and third favourite watch of choice (the Cluse team has been too generous to me!). Both in a dazzling rose gold (surprise, surprise), I got their stainless steel and grey-strapped watch in a dainty 33mm. I have literally not stopped swooning over them ever since I received them in my mail.  Just ask Izaan, I've been flamboyantly checking the time in his face for the last month now, pretty sure he's quite sick of me :P. Now I've experienced my share of cheap watches in the past - "fashion watches" whose strap came in a cheap piece of cardboard with faux-leather wrapped around it. But luckily that wasn't the case this time. You know when you just hold something and it feels weighty and substantial and expensive? That's what it was like with Cluse watches. Now I'm no expert, nor am I paid to say this (sadly), but I would be willing to bet that their watches will last me a good half-dozen years. 

Price wise, I genuinely believe that they are worth every penny. In terms of "trendy" watches, they're not as expensive as Daniel Wellington. Beginning at around £80 a pop I do think that they have the best price on the market for the quality you're getting. The watches also come in a gorgeous grey leather wrap-around pouch and a 2-year warranty! 

 The Cluse team also generously sent me two necklaces from their jewellery line. I honestly never knew they did jewellery but I was quote pleasantly surprised by their line-up. They have quite a good selection of chokers, dainty necklaces , and bracelets that delights the minimalist in me. All their designs also come in silver, gold, and rose gold. I decided on the Hexagon Pendant and the Black Crystal choker (both in gold) to add to my layered-necklace collection.

Promo Code: "BEANSAWAYY" for a free watch strap

Use my code "BEANSAWAYY" to receive a free watch strap upon any purchase of Cluse watches! Just add your watch and strap of choice into the basket and apply the promo code. Don't worry, I don't actually make any money off of it, it's honestly just an amazing perk Cluse are giving to my readers in case any of you wanted to get a watch for yourselves or a friend!

 ps. Just wanted to give a massive shoutout to you guys and the Cluse team! Opportunities like this don't come easily to me and they're absolutely not something I take for granted. I've been a long time fan of Cluse but never actually reached out to them since I've always felt that I'm much too small a blogger to work with such an established brand. It's been an absolute dream to have them reach out to me first, the sense of validation in my work is phenomenal. This would never have been possible without my readers and the Cluse team (especially Ileana on their marketing team!) for believing in me!! Thank you guys so much!! - Hazel xx


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