June 02, 2018

Snapshot of Spring

Photography and Editing by Hazel. In Collaboration with Cluse.


Spring is undoubtedly my absolute favourite time of year. After a horrifically long and unruly winter, to wake up and not feel the need to drench myself immediately with hot water is just... well, it's indescribable. I'm such a grouch in the chilly months that all you'll ever hear me talk about is how humans are not naturally meant to be living in the cold (I'm a climactic conservative like that). You might understand now why I love seeing the first signs of Spring in the air, or rather, the grass. 

I was going to talk about how beautiful the new Spring flowers were but I can't for the life of me find their damn names on Google. So just imagine that I inserted their names 'here' and 'here', and talked of their irresistible aromas, delicate blossoms, and lengthy botanical history (aren't you glad you missed that one out). 

Yes - and feeling oh so inspired by the yellows and whites of (flower A) and (flower B), I've decided there's no better way to show my appreciation by imitating them in textile form. As you can tell from the obvious yellow and white tones of my outfit and Cluse watch, my creativity appears to be rather lacking in this Spring rendition... No matter, I think I look nice and beauty is subjective anyway (ref. Kant, Critique of Judgement, 1790). 

I hope you enjoyed this rather abrupt and complacent chapter of my Spring in Britain 2018. Here's the outfit deets:

Top: Stylenanda (last season) - similar here, Brandy Melville £20
Skirt: Topshop £29
Mules: Urban Outfitters (last season) - similar here, Public Desire £29.99
Watch: Cluse La Boheme £79
Basket: Topshop £26 


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