October 14, 2018

Sunday Update

Life has been so hectic as of late. I finally got myself a full time job after taking a break from graduation, and moved into a new apartment in central London (on the high street too - yay!). It's been a few weeks, but the challenge of balancing out my blogging life with my work life is not going as smoothly as I anticipated. 

Now that I've finally settled into a routine and unpacked (most) of my stuff, I can finally take a much needed breather and actually attempt to bulk-edit some of my photos from months ago. And when I say bulk-edit I mean like editing 5 photos because each photo takes at least an hour for me to get right. And even then, I'll always re-edit that final copy on my phone about 20+ times before I either: get sick of it and bury it it my photo albums or post it onto my feed planner. 

This batch in particular has been a bit of a pain to edit. These were taken by my boyfriend in Covent Garden a few weeks ago, right after twilight. And after about 3 weeks of on-and-off editing, they're finally seeing the light of day - and just in time for the cozy autumn weather! 

I actually really loved this outfit, I'm normally the worst at layering but I really just wanted to give it a try this winter - and I frickin' love it! There's something about layering tones like these whites and bronzes, not to mention different textures and patterns, that just makes the result so satisfying to look at. I'm also just amazed by how well it all pulled together with Cluse's Butterscotch La Garconne, which really is the highlight of this outfit! 

Psst. Cluse are doing their first event in London at the end of this month (and yes, it's FREE to attend!) on the 27th, October. It's going to be a huge closet sale with some of the biggest names in the London blogging community - @oliviabynature, @misha_grimes, @melisekrem, and @mossonyi! Tickets should still be available on Eventbrite, so if you're itching for a little shopping spree, I'd set that date aside ;). And if you're still not convinced, they're also doing 5 giveaways throughout the day with Cluse watches as well as free Cluse goodie bags for early bird ticket holders!

For now - happy Sunday everyone! (:


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