December 21, 2018

Back in Hong Kong with Cluse


It's been over a year since I've last been back to Hong Kong. I've never really been the type of person to get super homesick or sentimental, but this trip home has really hit me hard. I've been spending so much more time with my grandma this time, learning how to cook and taking mini food trips together. And as usual my baby brother's just like a little puppy dog who welcomes me home, tail wagging, everyday. The city itself is just full of memories and familiarity. Every side alley and local eatery is like an old friend, and it's been so much fun showing Izaan around my home city. 

I've been deliberating writing up some food posts, since if there's one thing I can call myself an expert in, is HK eateries. Everything from local street foods to Japanese wagyu or Vietnamese pho, I'll know a place for. But until then, here's a tiny snapshot of Hong Kong, and this time, with Cluse. I've been lucky enough to have been sent their Christmas collection gift box. And I'll be honest I've never really thought of myself as a square-watch-type person before. But ever since I received the parcel, it's literally been all I've been wearing. I've brought about 3 other round watched from London that has since been thrown to the waste-side. 

This limited edition gift box features their La T├ętragone Rose Mesh watch with an extra black strap. The box itself is embossed beautifully and shimmers in a pearly white light. It'll definitely make the perfect gift for anyone this Christmas! 


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